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Courtney - a male portrait

March 16th, 2009 — 1:28pm

On Friday I photographed a handsome young man, Courtney, at my home studio.  We spent about one hour together, and captured three or four different looks.  The background was my large 4×8 ft. “book” make with two foam core boards, taped along the long edge.  By using this device as a background I can quickly go from high- to low-key, and also use any gray  in between, depending on how much light I let fall on it.  The example below is a classic low key portrait, using the black side of the book.  I give some details about the lighting below.

Technical data: Nikon D700 with 70-200 f/2.8 zoom lens at 200mm on tripod. f/10 at 1/250 manual mode, ISO 200. Background was a 4×8 black foam core board standing up. Lighting consisted of 4 lights:

  • Large Photoflex softbox to camera right, about 2 feet from the subject
  • White foam core board on camera left, about 1 foot from the subject. This fill gave me a ratio of 1:2 with respect to the key light.
  • Hairlight was a 7in reflector with a 20 degree grid on it, to camera left and about 3 feet above the subject. Ratio for the hair light was 2:1
  • Background light was a 10 degree grid on a regular 7 in. reflector

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