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Website updated

December 1st, 2008 — 10:00am

I started using Lightroom 2 a couple of months ago and decided to use it to regenerate the galleries for my website.  The images at my site have been stale for a while and I needed to upload new ones.  Also, I wanted to add some architectural images, because I don’t plan on renewing my Livebooks website.  While I like Livebooks, I cannot justify the cost, and I like to have full access to my hosted website.   So I used Lightroom Web galleries and was able to get new images up in no time.  I really need to create side-by-side composities of my vertical images to create a more visually appealing format, and I will be doing that shortly.

I also rehosted this log from to my own website.  It was really easy and quick - while I still don’t have exactly the same look and feel as my website, I have picked a very simple theme that I can modify later.  It’s hard to believe how simple it was to move my blog to my own website, including all the postings I had.  Very nice!

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Enchanted Rock State Park

December 1st, 2008 — 9:51am

So there is this park near Fredericksburg, TX, in the Hill Country, named Enchanted Rock State Park.  The name comes from a massive pink granite dome that rises over 400 ft above ground.  Indians believed that the rock was enchanted because of the weird creaking and groaning noises resulting from the rok’s contracting by cold at night.     We drove to San Antonio this (2008) Thanksgiving weekend and spent half a day hiking at the park.  The children really enjoyed being outdoors, Pablo especially, as he almost ran to the summit way ahead of us!   Here are a couple of pictures from our time there.

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