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From the airport

January 20th, 2009 — 12:47pm

It’s early afternoon on 1/20/09, a historic day, as the 44th president of the United States is sworn into office.  This terminal of the airport is nearly deserted,  as not many people seem to be flying to Newark from Dallas today.    I walked around the terminal and notice the massive escalators to the Skylink platform, so majestic and empty.   After asking security if it was ok to take pictures of the escalator, I captured a few images of it for my stock library, at a high ISO, even though the escalators are next to large windows.  Hopefully ISO 1100 on the D700 will produce acceptable stock images.

UPDATE: The images were accepted into my stock library - you can see one here.

I returned from Guatemala a couple of weeks ago - the family and I spent a week there, mostly on the western highlands, exploring Antigua, Lake Atitlanm and then further north, the Chichicastenango market and the Cuchumatanes mountains where the Ixil triangle is located.   The country has not only magnificent volcanos, lakes and mountains, but what really delighted me where the people of Guatemala.  In most case we met people with very little money and a simple way of making a living.  Their humanity, gentle ways and hospitality were an inspiration for my entire family.  I took many portraits of people in Guatemala, most with their awareneness and consent, some candids.  I will be posting some images here once I have access to a full computer.

UPDATE: Here are some images from Guatemala.

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