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Using white balance settings to create color

April 29th, 2009 — 11:53am

This is a business portrait done with an unconventional use of seamless white paper and a soft box. I wanted to experiment using tungsten light instead of flash incorporating ambient natural light, which would then have a blue color.

First, the technical data:

Nikon D700, 85mm f/1.4 lens at f/2.8, 1/30 s, iso 200, WB set to tungsten

Background is white seamless paper placed parallel to the garage door, with the garage door open, so that diffused sunlight was illuminating the back of the seamless. I placed two folding doors outside the garage on the other side of the seamless, parallel to each other to create some interest and block the light some. Those two folding doors give the darker shade of blue you see on each side of the frame.

The key light was a WL x3200 monolight with a Large Photoflex softbox. This monolight uses a 250 W. modeling light. I didn’t use the flash, only the modeling light, which is a tungsten light. That’s why I had to use f/2.8 and 1/30, this light is not very powerful.

When I set the white balance on the camera to Tungsten, the daylight coming thru the white seamless turned blue, hence the blue color on the background. I think the diagram helps understand how this worked.


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Love Black and White portraits!

April 22nd, 2009 — 3:26pm

I met with Savanah, a young and very pretty model, on Sunday to make some portraits on location.  She was really good to work with and had great outfits and props.  We had fun.   Here are three portraits shot in the same location with different lighting setups:

  • The first one is light hitting a silver reflector and bouncing it back onto Savanah’s face as the main light.
  • The second one is a small flash/softbox light overpowering the sun, which is behind the model.  A reflector is putting detail in the shadows.
  • The third one is pure ambient light, afternoon sunlight in open shade.

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Studio session with Christa

April 22nd, 2009 — 3:15pm

Christa has amazing gree eyes! She came to the studio to help me create business images for my stock portfolio, and she did a really good job with expressions and poses.  I am pleased with the results! We used a white background and diffused light to create pleasant images for commercial purposes.   After we finished that we decided to change the light and the outfit to create more of a beauty look for Christa’s portfolio.   The light changed from being a large softbox to being a 20 degree grid spot on her face.  I removed the fill light used a reflector instead to add some detail to the shadows.  I also left the background pure white to contrast with the dramatic lighting on her face.  The beautiful eyes, the red color and and dramatic light have created an interested portrait!

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Session with Jeremiah

April 17th, 2009 — 7:11am

This week I had a business portraiture with Jeremiah James (JJ) - we went for a clean, professional look for my microstock business portraiture portfolio.   I used a white background and simple diffused lighting with a silver reflector for a bit of a kick.  I have attached here a headshot from this session.

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Kids take over the studio!

April 12th, 2009 — 10:13pm

This is what happens when my two children decide that they want to take up a career in modeling and they come to the studio for a session.  They have no problem expression a range of emotions thru facial expressions and they need no need with posing!   Plus, they are so full of energy and life that lighting and studio setup don’t really matter.  Enjoy!



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Session with Jae

April 8th, 2009 — 4:34pm

On Sunday 4/5 I had a portrait session with Jae.  She’s a local actress and we wanted to create some simple portraits that would show her beautiful features and skin.  For this session I created a background consisting of two patterns, one of horizontal lines and the other random, one on each side of the background.  I also used a red gel to get some intensity that would contrast with her black outfit.   Overall I like the results, what do you think?

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