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The young violinist in nature

August 26th, 2010 — 9:19pm

This is a portrait of my daughter we did after her violin class right behind the public library we normally go to. She just started to learn violin and I wanted to get a “classy” portrait. So instead of using a fake background I used a real sunset. Lighting is the sunset as fill and an umbrella to camera left as main.

The young violinist in nature

The young violinist in nature

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Fitness portrait of Amara

August 22nd, 2010 — 8:10pm

Final effort

Lighting: 4 strobe lights plus ambient. The portrait was made on location at a high school track this morning.

Light 1 - Key was a 22 in. beauty dish with a 40 degree grid in front of the model and pointing down, about 12 ft from her.

Lights 2 and 3 - There were 2 SB800’s one on each side behind the model, with grid or snoot, acting as kicker lights and putting a highlight around her arms and shoulders.

Light #4 - A bare SB-25 flash on a boom right above her providing a kiss of light on her hair.

Fill was ambient light.

My assistant sprayed some water around Amara to create a fresh “real” feeling.

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Hold the sun, son!

August 3rd, 2010 — 9:40pm

Pablo and I went to the library to pick up some books just a little while ago, close to sundown. There is a nice little pond behind the Davis Library in Plano that had lovely water reflections and the sun setting over it.

I said to him, how about a sunset portrait? And he said, “Sure, let’s pretend I am holding the sun!” - I don’t know if he’s seen this kind of fun picture before or what, but it was totally his idea.

It took five minutes to set up my beloved EX600 strobe on stand, mount the 70-200mm lens on the D700 and take the equivalent of a roll of film. He picked these two. Colors are straight out of the camera, as is the exposure - I desaturated his bright blue shorts to make them less distracting.

Good photo fun!

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