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The bayblade warrior

March 20th, 2011 — 9:12pm

The bayblade warrior

If you have a boy in elementary school you probably know about this latest craze, bayblade tournaments played at a small plastic stadium. Bayblades are spinners made of different materials and styles that compete against each other until one or both run out of stamina. It’s quite fun.

My boy asked me to take a cool photo of him playing bayblades, after our trip to Target to get one. His stadium is bright orange and semi translucent, so that gave me the idea of making a picture with an orange theme. Here is the result, and details on the lighting follow:

This image was created using four portable flashes:

  1. The key light is an old SB-24 with a home made snoot made out of cinema foil pointing down at him from camera left. That’s creating the light on his face and his right hand. It’s harsh light hence the dark nose shadow.
  2. There is a background light, another SB-24 with a Roscolux orange filter pointing up and towards the black foam core background about three feet behind Pablo.
  3. The third light is a SB800 actually under the stadium shining thru it. To make this happen I have the stadium resting on a large cardboard box with a circular hole I cut, slightly smaller than the stadium. I have a flash inside the box pointing up and sending light thru a piece a rip stop nylon taped to the hole. This light is creating the glow around the bayblade stadium.
  4. Finally there is another SB800 with a piece of cinema foil as a flat snoot projecting light to illuminate the Bayblade brand name - without this light the light shining from behind would have made the sign quite orange, and I wanted it to be visible.

There you have, a bayblade warrior at play! 

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