Stella’s portrait project completed!

 I have been working on the final project for my Portrait Photography course at the community college.  After changing direction a couple of times, I settled on doing a studio portfolio of my wife Stella.  I had originally planned to do more of a documentary, “lifestyle” collection of images, but we both enjoyed working in the studio and being creative with lights and clothing, so that’s what we ended up doing.   I have attached here a compcard that will take you to the images on my website.  I’d be interested in your feedback, especially your favorite image!

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2 Responses to “Stella’s portrait project completed!”

  1. Adelino de Almeida

    Found your site in a roundabout way starting at pbase. Great shots, the one on the lower left with the blue background is fantastic!!! The play between the green dress and the background is also very, very good and so is the one middle one on the left.
    Some notes: you may want to include some contact info on your blog as well as some way to syndicate to it.

    Love your work.

  2. Aaron

    The first one. Simple. Clean. Elegant without being sensual.

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