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Yesterday was a busy afternoon, as I had the Indian theme session at 2pm and then a location business portrait session at 5pm. Here are a couple of images from this second session for your feedback.

Quick comments on the lighting for this one - I wanted to make use of the ambient use, which wasn’t much. I had to shoot at 1/6 sec. on a tripod. The flash was mounted on a stand, bounced off a silver Wescott umbrella and set to f/5.6 - the background was translucent and I wanted a blue high tech feeling, so I gelled the key to full CTO and I placed another SB800 behind the glass, pointing obliquely to the translucent surfaces. I used the built-in diffusor. Then I set the white balance to tungsten and got the background to go blue and nice. While I would have liked for the glass to be continuous and not have those horizontal lines behind the subject, I had to deal with what I found there.

The second image was done in a conference room with a table that had a reflective surface, so I placed the light a bit more frontally, on the other side of the table to make sure it was bouncing off the table and creating a reflection. I need to edit out the thingie on his reflected face, probably an imperfection on the table. The necktie could have been better placed, but missed it as I was paying attention to the lighting and pose mostly. Oh well.

There was natural light coming into the room from behind the camera, and I wanted to use that as fill, so I set the shutter speed to 1/20 sec to catch it. Main was the same SB800 on the umbrella with a 1/4 CTO just to warm up skin tones a bit. I also have a second SB00 pointing to the yellow wall to create better separation, I think you can see a bit of a halo around the subject’s head. I took the plant from the hall and put it there as an accent.


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