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Today I started working on a project for myself, very different from the technically measured studio images I have done for a while.   I have been thinking about it for a couple of weeks and today finally got the gear in the car and got it going with the first couple of images.   It’s a documentary of people you might find along Forest Lane in the older areas of Garland in Texas, a working class neighborhood in the Dallas area. Why this place? Because it seems interesting and not too far from my work, so that I can add images to the project without much driving or complications.

My intention is to do documentary photography, but I also want to pay attention to aesthetics, I want to control the light and create environmental portraits that say something about the people in an interesting way. Today I started visiting a barbarshop and this used tire shop. My plan is to create about 20 images for a documentary portfolio on this street. The project is just for me, no commercial value. I do plan to give an 8×10 print to Cleveland, the barber and any other person I photograph on this street. I’d like to get it completed and printed by the end of the summer.

The reason I want to work on this project is that I find it more inspiring and rewarding to me than photographing beautiful people. I find great satisfaction in finding the human spirit in less than ideal conditions, and beauty among everyday people. I want to apply my skills and knowledge to create images that are hopefully genuine and also carefully crafted, not just quick PJ style photos.

You’ll see the project progress as I post my work along the way.   I will be placing images here:

Forest Ln. Project -

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