Why do I make photographs?

This weekend we went to a friend’s house in Princeton, TX for dinner.  It’s a house in the country with a small pond and some nice prairie around it.  Our friends have some chickens and a vegetable garden.   They also have some grape vines and a few fruit trees. After dinner we took the kids to the pond to fish for a while.    The first picture below is the pond at sunset with children and adults fishing and having a good time.  I took this image because I wanted to express a feeling or emotion at the time - peaceful, calm enjoyment with those we love.

What compelled me to create this image was the need to express a feeling of beauty and peace in our daily lives.  The second image, below, is one of the sunset sun back lighting some grapes on the vine.  The scene didn’t really look like this at all - this image is a creation, a fantasy, made possible by photographic equipment such as long telezoom lenses and a exposure that left the sun way underexposed.  Why did I take this particular picture.  Because I saw reality through the eyes of a photographer - I knew I could take a thin slice of reality, stop it, concentrate it and present it as a new reality.   Here I was not expressing a feeling as much as a I was creating one thru the symbols and techniques of photography.  But why?  Because I am compelled to communicate my feelings and to create - both images are the result of a creative process, as the real scene was not what I depicted.   I think these are the reasons that make photography so exciting and compelling to me - it is an outlet for both my expressive needs and my creative needs.

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