The importance of makeup, hair and wardrobe stylists

Most personal photography is done without professional hair, makeup and wardrobe styling.  These services are, however, essential when doing an editorial or commercial shoot for a business.   In this post I’d like to suggest that you consider using a professional for makeup, hair and wardrobe when comissioning your portrait.

While a woman being photographed can do basic makeup and hair prior to the shoot and her own and the images can look good,  bringing a professional can make a huge difference.   The best makeup artists and hair stylists understand the requirements for photography - doing makeup for a party and doing makeup for a photo session require different approaches and skills.   When doing makeup for photography the makeup artist needs to be concerned with reflectivity of different products - having shimmer, for example, can be a problem because it’ll create unwanted specularity.  Glossy makeup may be important in darker skin to create highlights.  In other words, the photographer may have specific requirements for a makeup artist to make the best of a specific photographic approach and a specific skin type.   Similarly with hair and wardrobe, considerations about color palette, patterns, consistency with makeup and type of lighting used, are very important to get the best possible image. A wardrobe stylist can choose the perfect outfit, accessories, jewelry, etc for the lighting the photographer has chosen and the makeup being used.   In other words, working with a team can make a good set of images into a fantastic set of images.

While you may think that adding all these services will make the photography session too expensive, think again.  Often a makeup artist will be able to do hair styling as well, and even help with accessories and wardrobe styling.   The cost of a good makeup artist is really justified by the difference it makes in the final product.   Whenever you need an important portrait, insist that a professional help with makeup, hair and wardrobe, in addition to the capable photographer.   It’s the only way to make your images magazine worthy!   

Make up, hair, wardrobe by Keri Strong

In this image above, created last Sunday, Keri Strong provided makeup and hair and also selected the wardrobe for the shoot.  She’s very professional and a pleasure to work with.   You can find her on Facebook  

Not only are the results more professional, but a makeup artist can create a look that is different, unique, strking.  In the image above Keri used her experience and expertise to recreate the style of the 1950 - hair, makeup and even the dress.  The results are stunning and surpass what a normal portrait would do for you.

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