May 4, 2007

My father loved photography and art in general. He had started young, as a teenager, taking pictures of pretty places in the south of Spain and also of his girlfriends, including my mother. He must have taken hundreds if not thousands of photos of my mother. He even won a competition with the image that now I use on my webpage logo. He won a nice Rolleiflex camera, which was his pride and joy, but economic difficulties forced him to sell it. At the end of his life in 2002 he still had the Olympus OM-1 that he bought in the seventies. I have that camera now, and still use it ocassionally. In face, I just bought a 100mm f/2.8 Zuiko lens for it. I love this little camera!

Here is an image taken with him in 1962, when I three years old. It was taken during Holy Week in Seville… he would take me places on his motorcycle. I am also fond of motorcycles and currently own two. I colorized this image a few years ago when I was learning Photoshop. I will be posting a few more old pictures and memories on this page. So stay tuned!