About me

Photography is very fulfilling to me. I enjoy the creative energy required to design visual concepts, the problem-solving skills needed to implement those visual ideas, and the magic human interaction that takes place when multiple people get together to create an image. I truly love working with light, forming and shaping it to convey emotion and interest. Whether the image creation takes place in the studio or on location, light becomes my raw material in the creative process, and the essential defining characteristic of my photographs. I strive to produce images that are simple, actively engage the viewer, and use light creatively to convey feeling and meaning. I also place special emphasis on the quality of the final product and also the quality of the services associated with my products. Whether the purpose of the image is to convey an idea or to show the subject’s personality, my style is based on quality, simplicity, engagement and creative light.

My clients are individuals, corporations and organizations that demand people images for important uses, business and personal. I work closely with them defining requirements, exploring and defining the concept, and managing other professionals needed to get the expected results.

I have 20 years of experience in the corporate world as an engineering manager, and understand how to work with corporations as well as individual clients. My technical background enables me to use digital equipment and software for the best results. I am a member of the American Society of Media Photographers and continuosly update my professional knowledge and skills through seminars and workshops.

My personal interest is in travel photography, and also human interest projects. I photograph constantly, for clients, for my own portfolio, or for the pure joy of it.

Please visit my website if you didn’t reach this blog from it. Hope you enjoy your stay here!

Paco Romero