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Principles of Lighting Workshop (Feb 27, 2010)

Date: February 27, 2010
Last day to register: January 30, 2010
Location: Southfork Hotel, Plano, Mulberry room
Duration: From 8am to 5pm
What is provided: Breakfast, lunch and drinks are included in the fee. You will receive a written copy of the materials presented during the workshop. You will also have the opportunity to make portraits of models that you can add to your portfolio. Models will provide model releases.
Fee: $250 including all-day instruction, all meals and drinks, materials and model releases for the images resulting from the workshop. Payment by personal check to Paco Romero Photography or Paypal by the last day of registration.
Refunds: The event is non-refundable unless I am force to cancel it. If you cannot attend 60% of the fee can be applied to a future workshop
Audience: Photographers that want to learn about the principles of light and how to apply those principles to location and studio environments. The workshop is not about learning to use specific equipment but to understand the principles and then use lighting tools to apply those principles to achieve desired results.
Prerequisites Participants should have a basic knowledge of camera operation, including shutter speed, aperture, ISO and focus. No prior knowledge of flash operation, studio equipment or light control is expected.
What to bring Bring your film or digital camera and film or cards. Your camera should have a flash hotshoe. You don't need to bring a flash, but you can bring a tripod if you'd like.
Structure: The workshop will be divided in two sections: Theory and Practice. The day will start with the Theory part, which will cover the following topics:
  • Attributes of light: Intensity, color, quality, direction and shape, continuous or flash
  • Controlling light intensity
  • Controlling light intensity
  • Controlling light color
  • Controlling light quality
  • Controlling light direction and shape
  • Using continuous or flash lighting
The Practice section of the seminar will require the participants to apply the principles learned during the Theory section to solve visual lighting problems. Some of these problems include
  • Controlling ambient light only to achieve soft, diffused effect
  • Using studio or portable flash lights only to achieve drama and mood
  • Mixing ambient light and portable flash to achieve a predefined effect
The workshop will provide models for the Practice session. Multiple hands-on session will run in parallel, and students will see how other students are solving lighting problems at the recap after completing an exercise.

LifestyleBusinessPortraitsBlack and WhiteHeadshotsNew work CopyrightHomeDetailsAboutBlog

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