In praise of the small camera

February 28, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Cameras range in price, capabilities, technology, manufacturer and several other factors.  The one I want to praise today is small size and portability.   For years now I have traveled with a small Fuji camera.  The model has changed over the years; I started with the original Fuji x100 camera, followed by the x100t, skipping one generation, and not I have the x100f.  I gave my x100t to my son Pablo when he went to school, after he took it to Japan on a trip.  Carrying a small camera when I travel is what works best for me.

I remember once when I took my big backpack with a big DSLR camera and several lenses on a trip - not only was it so heavy that carrying it around was impossible, but it constantly required me to choose the lens to be mounted on the camera body.  The experience was miserable.  Carrying a small but high quality compact APS-C camera completely changes my approach to travel photography.  I don't worry about images that I cannot capture because I don't have a 200mm focal length.  I simply accept the limitations of a fixed 35 mm equivalent focal length and make the best out of it.  I take good photos and never have to worry about changing lenses, dropping them or getting dust on the sensor.  The bag I use to carry the camera is tiny, with a pocket for a couple of extra batteries and SD cards and nothing more.

Furthermore, this small camera is beautiful with mechanical controls, sort of at the other end of the spectrum when compared to a cellphone camera. It has a tactile feel and a mechanical character that makes me want to pause and make photographs.  It comes with film simulations I love, like the legendary Fuji Acros black and white film.  Or Velvia, or Chrome.  It creates beautiful images!

A new model, the x100v, with a few good new features was announced recently and many Fuji x100 users are selling perfectly good x100t or x100f cameras to fund the purchase of the latest and greatest.  I took advantage of this opportunity to purchase by pre-owned x100f, with very little use and in great condition.  I am very happy with it, especially given that I paid less than half the price of a brand new x100v.   I will be posting images as I start using it regularly. 
Fujifilm x100f compact cameraFujifilm x100f compact camera


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